about usWrap Yourself Slim (WYSS) has been providing salon quality body wrap recipes, ingredients and kits to home users since 2000.

“After losing 26 inches from my first body wrap treatment back in 1999, I knew I had stumbled upon something huge.

The problem:  Single body wrap treatments cost between $80-$150 per treatment at most spas and salons, and order to reap the benefits of a series of 8-10 body wrap treatments, one would have to pay upwards of $800!

My goal:  To create a body wrap treatment that was less expensive, yet as effective as the pricey spa treatments.

I then began analyzing spa formulas, and sourcing high quality herbal ingredients and created my own body wrap and skin care formulas.

It was then time to test them on friends and family, and they we were all delighted with the results.

I then began studying Herbology under Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, and was able to further “perfect” my formulas.  It was at this point that Wrap Yourself Slim was born.

WYSS has grown along with my knowledge of natural skin care. I have truly enjoyed educating others about the benefits of body wraps and skin care products. At Wrap Yourself Slim, we strive to provide superior ingredient/product quality and exceptional customer service.”
– Ella Simpson
Wrap Yourself Slim


About_Us_01Tara is our general manager and customer support angel! If you get in touch with us on the phone, by email or using the chat widget you’ll most likely get to know Tara. Tara is always happy to help with questions about body wrapping, and loves to hear your feedback.





About_Us_02Simon is our business development guy and head tech nerd. He’s usually found down at the beach stand up paddling, surfingm or kite surfing. “I generally keep myself in pretty good shape” says Simon, “but I love the feeling of the WYS torso wrap – it really tightens and tones my abdominals! Great before a day at the beach if I’ve had too much BBQ or beer the night before!” Simon is the guy to speak to if you have questions about the Wrap Yourself Slim website or business.