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Seaweed Body Wraps 101

I have been preparing and researching body wraps for over 15 years. Whether you are interested in body wraps to support weight loss, minimize cellulite, improve skin tone, or just for simply for relaxation, you have come to the right place.

What is a Seaweed Body Wrap?

A seaweed body wrap is an application that generally consists of natural ingredients such as seaweed, herbs, clays, another natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are usually mix together to create a formula that assist in eliminating excess weight, cellulite, for detoxification, and improving the overall skin tone of the body.

Ingredients are selected for their individual properties and are mixed together synergistically to create a formula that can be absorbed by the skin to help with a specific problem.

Once the formula is applied to is the specific area or all over the body it is then wrapped with a style bandages or wrapping cloths which help hold the formula on the skin and keep the body warm.

Body wraps have been used for years for both therapeutic and beauty reasons. So there are thousands of cases of satisfied users who have experienced great results.

How Often Can You Apply Seaweed Body Wraps?

Seaweed wraps are fairly safe to use and can be applied every day. But applying them every day is not necessary and sometimes on practical for hectic schedules. For weight loss and cellulite control, you want to apply them initially every 3 to 5 days until you achieve the desired result. Then for maintenance or simply for pleasure you can apply a seaweed body wrap once a week or every other week.

How do I Prepare for a Seaweed Body Wrap?

To prepare for your seaweed body wrap you should exfoliate your skin with a salt or sugar scrub to remove the dead skin and your on the top layer of your skin. You then want to apply a pretty wrap formula that helps open the pores and prepare the skin for the wrap formula. The pre-wrapped formula is optional but highly recommended. Make sure your formula and their wrap cloths are bandages are ready for you to use before your exfoliation treatment and pre-wrapped application.

How Long Do You Leave the Seaweed Wrap on for?

After applying your wrap formula and wrapping each section of your body with your cloths or bandages, you want to find a place to relax for a minimum of 45 minutes. It is not necessary to be active or jump around or exercise while wrapped. You also want to drink plenty of water to assist the wrap formula flush out toxins and also to hydrate your skin, especially if using a Clay based formula.