A body wrap formula that consists of the right ingredients can work wonders whether your goal is to lose inches, detoxify your body, or improve the look and feel of your skin.

There are many effective ingredients that you can use in an herbal body wrap formula.  The ones that you choose will depend on the actual goals you are trying to achieve.

Below is a list of the most powerful ingredients that can be used in a body wrap formula.  Try to experiment with each of these ingredients and figure out which ones work best for your bode.


Top Body Wrap Formula Ingredients

Below are what I consider five very powerful body wrap formula ingredients.  They are all easy to find at local health food stores or online.

  1. Bladderwrack – This is a type of algae that is highly nutritious and is particularly beneficial to the skin.  If the main goal of your body wrap formula is to improve the skin or reduce the appearance of cellulite, then this this ingredient is a must.
  2. Echinacia – A powerful herb well know for it’s ability to boost the body’s immune system.  It also helps improve circulation, stimulates the lymph glands, and is has strong detoxifying properties.  This is an excellent herb to use in inch loss body wrap formulas.
  3. Ginger – Excellent healing properties, helps reduce joint and muscle pain.
  4. Red Clover – A strong blood purifier, excellent for body detoxification.
  5. Kelp – This powerful seaweed helps in inch loss, eases joint and muscle pain, and softens the skin.  Perhaps one of the most versatile body wrap formula ingredients around.


Those are just a handful of very powerful herbs that can be added to your body wrapping formula.  In addition to these herbs, I also highly recommend these ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera – Has very strong detoxifying properties and is one of the best herbs to help soften the skin.  Aloe also helps increase the absorption of other nutrients into the skin.  Aloe Vera is the preferred base of a skin or detoxifying wrap.
  • Sea or mineral salt – High in minerals and iodine, has benefits similar to kelp and other seaweeds.  Well recognized for it’s ability to remove toxins from the body.

I highly recommend that you experiment with some of these herbal ingredients in your next body wrap formula!

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Are there any body wrap formulas that you’ve had great success with?  Please share them with us!

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