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Body Wrap Mud & Formula

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The body wrap ingredients you use in your home body wraps will depend on the goals you wish to achieve.  Whether your goal is to lose inches, soften and tone your skin, or detoxify your body, we have the best quality organic ingredients available.

By purchasing body wrap ingredients in bulk you can save substantial amounts of money.  For example, purchasing $100 worth of ingredients can make 30-50 wraps, the cost of one or two spa body wrap treatments!

Here is a breakdown of the body wrap ingredients and formulas that we carry, and the applications they are typically used for:

  • Sea Clay & Sea Mud – These are very popular amongst those who perform body wraps at home.  They are typically applied directly to the skin, and wet wrapping cloths are applied over top of them.  One of the reasons people prefer to use clay and mud ingredients is because there are a number of different types of to choose from including chocolate clay, seaweed clay, and sea mud. Each of the clays has a specific application, whether cleansing, inch loss, thalassotherapy or relaxation and stimulation through aromatherapy.
  • European Dry Mineral Clay –  The dry mineral formula is a favorite of many salons and spa’s throughout the world because of it’s ease of use and minimal cleanup.  Simply ad the dry mineral formula to hot water, soak your wrapping cloths, and apply to the skin.  The dry mineral formula is will allow you to get many of the benefits of mud or clay, without applying it directly to your body.
  • Aloe Vera & Herbal Body Wrap Formulas – Aloe Vera and herbal liquid body wrap formulas are simple to use, and are not as messy as clays.  They are the ingredient of choice when it comes to softening the skin and detoxifying the body.  Simply add these solutions to hot water, soak your wrapping cloths, and apply to the skin!  The formulas will leave no residue when the wraps are removed.
  • Combining Ingredients – To get the most out of each body wrap, we recommend combining body wrap ingredients together.  We recommend applying clay or mud to the skin, and then soaking your wrapping cloths in Aloe Vera or an Herbal Liquid.  This will help maximize your results, leaving your skin tighter, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and helping you lose inches – all from a single application!

We carry a large selection of top quality organic body wrap ingredients that are perfect for home use.  These are the exact same herbal ingredients that are used by professional spa’s, available to you at wholesale prices!