There’s nothing better than getting pampered at the spa with a professional body wrap.  It’s a relaxing experience that can lead to great results – even after only a few wrapping sessions.

Unfortunately, body wrap prices can be quite expensive. Rates usually vary depending on the spa or salon that you choose and the number of wrapping sessions you purchase.

Some salons also offer different types of wraps.  For example,  one of the spas I researched offered the following types of wraps, which ranged from $145 – $185 per session:

  • Lipase wrap
  • Anti-aging wrap
  • Power wrap
  • Body lift wrap
  • Dream wrap

The price depended on the ingredients used, the length of the session, and the steps involved in the wrapping process.  So as you can see, there are many different factors in determining the price of a body wrap.

Price Range of Body Wraps

Here are some of the rates I’ve found in a few of the most popular salons & spas:


Salon #1:  $145-$185 / wrap

This was one of the more expensive spas.  They offered five different body wrap variations in which prices were based.

Discounts offered:  5% for 3 wraps, 10% for 5 wraps, 15% for 10 wraps.


Salon #2:  $49 -$175 / wrap

This particular salon offered many different options.  The least expensive traditional body wrap was $120, and the “deluxe” traditional body wrap was $175.  A package of 6 “body melts” for just under $300 was also available; however, these were infrared body wraps which are different from traditional body wraps.


Salon #3:  $100 / wrap

This spa offered either a mud wrap or an herbal wrap at $100.  There was no pricing discount for multiple wrapping sessions like most salons offer.


Home body wraps are an inexpensive alternative to spa wraps, and can cost as little as $3-$5 per wrap.  More on this at the end of this article!



The Bottom Line

You can see that the cost of body wraps varies widely.  It depends not only on where the wrap is being performed but on what exactly you are getting during each wrap.  Be sure to thoroughly research the spa or salon that you choose before you purchase any body wrapping sessions so you know exactly what you will be getting!

How Many Body Wrap Sessions Do I Need?

Please keep in mind that although you may experience great results after your first wrap, I recommend that you purchase a package that contains at least 10 wrapping sessions if you have any of the following goals:

  • Weight & inch loss
  • Body detoxification & cleansing
  • Cellulite reduction

If you simply want to improve the look and feel of your skin and tighten up certain areas, then you are probably fine with one or two wraps.  By performing multiple wraps you give yourself the change of seeing the best possible results, and will also receive a considerable cost savings at most spas or salons.

Get a Body Wrap for $5 Per Wrap!

If you are looking to get the most out of a body wrap for the least amount of money then the best route to take is performing your own home body wraps which can cost as little as $3-$5 per wrap.  It’s probably much easier than you think, and although it may not be as relaxing as the spa experience, you results that you achieve can be exceptional.

Have you never tried a home body wrap?  If not, then please Click Here to download my ebook Wrap Yourself Slim:  Body Wraps Exposed” where I reveal my secret body wrap recipes and teach you everything you need to know to perform body wraps at home.

Thanks for reading my post, and I hope your first body wrap is as enjoyable as mine was!

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