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Many people are looking for a body wrap video to demonstrate the body wrapping process.  There seems to be a lot of information on the web about how to body wrap but not many pictures or videos.  If you are interested in performing your own body wraps from home, a video demonstration of the process will really make things easier for you.

I have not had time to make my own video yet that explains the process, but I did find a body wrapping video that should prove to be helpful to those that want to perform their own body wraps at home.


The process of home body wrapping is relatively simple, and you can really save lots of money compared to spa body wraps.  In my ebook “Wrap Yourself Slim, Body Wraps Exposed”, I reveal my top secret home body wrapping techniques and recipes that are as effective as spa wraps but are a fraction of the cost. You can download my ebook here.

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