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Have a Date

Aside from the inch loss and skin detox benefits, home body wraps also give you the gift of personal time.

Set the date and commit.

It will not only give you the opportunity to prepare for all the necessary formulas and tools, but also help you become ready to relax for your treatment. Even though this is an experience administered at home, it should feel like stepping into an appointment.

 Switch off your phone, prepare your mind to feel at ease, and hang that “Do not Disturb” sign.


Create the Mood

We really must not forget that body wraps come with a spa-like ambience. Now that we are managing the experience at home, we are able to take on that wonderful task of adjusting the mood to our own desires or even according to the formula you have picked.

You can enhance the atmosphere by adding candles or aromatherapy that matches your spa treatment.

If you’re a romantic, candles will definitely help you relax while you are in your wrap or better yet, pick a scented candle that complements your treatment.

Decorate the space with things that comfort you.

When you are in the mood for relaxation, it is such a great thing to be surrounded with items that actually help you unwind. For example, if you love flowers, put some in the space or if you are fond of a photograph, let it take you to a happier state of mind.

Spoil your senses with soothing sounds.

If you have tried getting a massage or have visited a spa, you will always hear calming music in the background. With home body wraps, you have the freedom to pick whatever tunes you prefer. If you want to take a step further, you can even pick an audio that suits your wrap. For example, if you plan to get a Sea Clay or Sea Mud wrap, you can enhance the treatment by playing melodies of the waves or beach sounds.


A Body Wrap Station

Your body wrap station should be an organized area where you have all your formulas and tools ready for use and also for clean up. If you are quite fussy with cleanliness, creating your own body wrap station will make a great deal of difference.

Have all the necessities ready for the treatment.

As mentioned before, one of the best ways to have a great body wrap is preparation. By planning ahead, you are saving yourself the trouble of frantically going through your ingredients or wrapping cloths. Imagine when you are in a salon, and your hair stylist has all of his/her tools ready and in one cart.

When you have all your utensils ready in one spot, it will allow you to have an easier and stress-free application as well as a common space for all your body wrapping needs.

This includes pre-wrap and post wrap necessities like towels and bathrobes. Checking your tools for best usage.

If you have been doing home body wraps for a while, it is always best to go back to your Body Wrap Station and check all your tools and formulas to see which ones may need cleaning or replacing. You can also see if there is any blend or ingredient that you would like to re-use or that is lacking for your treatment.

Doing this will save you the time and stress and prevent any extra working during the body wrap.


A Little Help during your Home Body Wrap

The Body Wrapping process is one of the most important aspects of a Home Body Wrap that is crucial to its effectiveness. To properly wrap your bandages, you will need extra hands to help you in this stage.

Prior to your wrap, make sure someone is ready to help you and preferably, someone who you think can help you in your next session. You can ask a close friend or a family member and maybe you can offer to do a home body wrap for them in return. At the same time , you are also sharing your knowledge and expertise in the natural benefits of a body wrap.


Minimal Wraps

If you don’t want to fuss over your Body Wrap Formula itself, there is a Minimal Wrap Recipe in our Wrap Yourself Slim – Body Wraps Exposed eBook that requires only the top basic ingredients you need for a body wrap while still providing maximum inch loss and skin cleansing properties. With only heat- and-mix instructions, try making a Minimal Wrap to give you a stress-free formula making process.


Sometimes the magic comes from the details. Though some of these suggestions will seem too particular, you will find that once everything comes together , these details will do uplifting wonders to your overall body wrap experience.




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Are you ready to achieve your best body?

Are you willing to change for a healthier and more active lifestyle?

Are you prepared to commit time and effort to this change?


If your answers are YES, then you have already taken a big step forward into giving yourself a better body and a healthier lifestyle. When you are prepared to give time and energy to your body, you are definitely ready to change for the better.


There are countless programs, treatments and supplements out there that promise weight loss without the work, but we must remember that there is no easy road to healthy living. Body Wraps will serve as your helpful inch loss and skin detox treatment while the rest of the work will truly be up to you.



Here is another question you should ask yourself before starting:


What are your reasons for pursuing a healthier lifestyle?


Finding an honest and realistic answer to this question is as important as the physical work you will be doing because we also need to strengthen our mindset before we make way for a different routine. This said, the next step is to prepare a conditioned mind through the establishment of a Mantra.

A Mantra is a conscious reminder of your goal that you will definitely need once your reach a difficult stage in the process. You will find this to be very essential when you reach a point where you feel like you can’t handle an exercise move or a stage during your diet.


If you have heard of the quote “ Mind over matter “, using your Mantra will definitely inspire you to push on. With your intentions in check, you are now ready to move on to the physical task of a healthy body.


Lets start with Diet and Exercise.


Two of the main factors to successfully achieving a great body are dedicated exercise and responsible diet. If you are at a certain stage in life where weight loss is difficult, these two must go hand in hand together to achieve the best results.


With endless options out there, it is always best to be organized and analyze your body in order find out which programs you are most comfortable with. Here is a quick tip to help you in making the best decision possible :


Involve your doctor in your efforts Personal Needs – Considering your time, past experiences or health condition Research trusted sources and Support from family and friends


This brings us now to Body Wraps.


Once you have picked the right diet and exercise plan, you will be ready to reap the benefits of a body wrap! A devoted diet and exercise routine can make way to the best results for Body Wraps. When you begin any treatment, these two are the key factors in enhancing and maintaining the body wrap results.


Body Wraps are nature’s helpful blends that aid your body to be in its best shape. This comes in the form of inch loss and reducing the appearance of cellulite by using natural formulas. Natural ingredients like seaweed or green tea extract all work its natural magic on your body to help in inch loss. But when it comes to maintaining this inch loss, you must complement these body wrap efforts with your diet and exercise regimen.


Another question to ask is:


Which Body Wrap Treatment can provide me with maximum inch loss results?


One thing to remember is that all our body wrap treatments provide inch loss, but there are Top Formulas available that are solely designed to target inch loss and cellulite minimization while also providing skin rejuvenation.


Here are some of our Top Formulas for Inch Loss:


Spa Mud. A staple in many inch loss kits, Spa Mud combines the centuries-old toning ingredient , Bentonite Clay and Seaweed Extract that both fight together to reduce the appearance of cellulite while removing body toxins.



Cellulite Busters Lotion. This a new advanced blend designed as a post-wrap formula to complement your body wrap treatments. This is specially formulated to target cellulite and made possible for daily application. It contains ingredients like Green Tea Extracts and Kelp Extract that are geared towards firming the skin.


Anti-Cellulite Slenderizing Gel. Another one of our post-wrap formulas. If you want to achieve maximum inch loss while keeping your skin moisturized, this gel is your solution. With the formula of Seaweeds, Green Tea and Aloe Vera, the skin is left in good hands and appearance of cellulite is decreased.


When you combine these Top Formulas with Diet and Exercise, you will find yourself not only looking great but also feeling renewed and inspired to continue on with your routine.


Lastly, the most important factor of all is your Motivation!

Any diet and exercise plan can be successful if you have the drive, the motivation and your Mantra. With all these steps and body wraps at your disposal, motivation is the most essential formula and your most powerful weapon to be able to conquer all your efforts.

One important thing to remember that you are not alone in this program. With all these Steps and Top Formulas to help you, you are definitely well on your way to attaining the best and healthiest body you deserve!