As you are probably aware by now, there are many different types of body wraps.  A clay body wrap (also know as a mineral wrap) is a very popular type of body wrap because it is very effective when it comes to inch loss.

The clay body wrap process really isn’t any different than an herbal wrap, seaweed wrap, or aloe-vera wrap.  The main difference is simply that the core ingredient in the clay wrap is clay!

There are a number of different types of clay used in body wraps.

Find out more below about clay used in body wraps.


The Clay Body Wrap Procedure

A clay body wrap is a two-step process just like all other body wraps except those that are liquid based.  This two-step process (absorption and compaction) are what make clay wraps far superior to liquid wraps when it comes to inch loss.

Step #1

Exfoliate your skin and apply a pre-body wrap solution.

Step #2

First, apply the sea clay to your entire body, or the areas that you are treating.  Apply the mud generously, but make sure it is not clumpy or thick in areas.

Step #3

Apply the wrapping cloths to your body.  Make sure the cloths are very warm.  This will help open the pores allowing your skin to absorb the clay.

Step #4

Leave the wraps on your body for about an hour.  Remove in the shower or bath and rinse.  Once clean, apply a post body wrap solution to your skin.


How Do Clay Body Wraps Work?

So you are probably wondering how a clay body wrap works.  Simply put, the clay helps absorb fluid based toxins that are held between the cells.  Once these fluids are removed, the pressure from the wrapping bandages helps squeeze the tissue and compact the pockets where the excess fluid once was.  The body then starts to reconnect these pockets so that they no longer exist.

Clay body wraps are the best types of wraps because they have the highest absorption properties of the different types of body wrap formulas.

If you have never tried a clay body wrap, I highly suggest you do, especially if your goal is to  lose inches.

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