Detoxifying body wraps (also know as detox wraps) are a very powerful treatment.  Detoxification is one of the many benefits of a full body wrap.

If your goal is to rid your body of harmful toxins and chemicals that have built up over the years, a detoxifying wrap is a great way to cleanse your system.


How do detoxifying body wraps work?

Detox wraps help rid your body of toxic chemicals in the following two ways:

    1. Drawing toxins out through the skin – The ingredients used in a detox body wrap (clay, herbs, oils etc.) help draw chemicals out of your body through your skin pores.
    2. Improving the body’s ability to flush toxins out internally – In addition to literally sucking toxins out through your skin, detox wraps will also help your body remove toxins internally by improving lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

What makes a successful detoxifying body wrap?

There are a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to detoxifying wraps.  The actual ingredients of the detoxifying wrap formula is very important.  Although there are a number of different ingredients that are effective, I usually recommend the following:

  • Red or green clay
  • Bladderwrack
  • Green Tea
  • Lemon, cypress and/or grapefruit oil

In addition to using the right ingredients, you also have to remember that the detoxifiaction process takes time.  Don’t expect a miracle after only a single body wrapping session.  It may take ten or more detox wraps before you start to feel or see significant results.  This makes sense since it took many years for the toxins to build up in your body!

Detoxifying wraps are available at most spas, but they are very easy to perform at home on your own.  I sell detox wrap kits here. In my ebook “Wrap Yourself Slim, Body Wraps Exposed” I outline everything you need to know about the detox wrapping process, all the way down to the exact ingredients to include in your wraps.

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