As the economy continues to weaken, people are becoming more frugal.  Unfortunately a weekly spa body wrap may no longer fit into the budget.  Let’s be honest… $50-$100 per session isn’t cheap, and in order to really take advantage of the benefits of a body wrap, you need at least two wrapping sessions weekly.

If you’re like me though, you aren’t willing to give up that easily.  If you love body wraps, then there is only one answer:

DIY body wraps!

A DIY body wrap (AKA Do-it-yourself body wrap) is great way to enjoy the benefits of a spa body wrap, without paying the high price.  And cost aside, there are a number of other benefits of a DIY body wrap, which I will outline below:

Benefits of a DIY Body Wrap

There are a number of advantages of DIY body wraps when compared to spa body wraps.

  • Cost – This is the most obvious advantage.  Home body wraps cost between $5-$10 per wrap compared to $50-$100 at the spa.  This means that you can perform up to 10  body wraps for the cost of one spa body wrap-plenty more bang for your buck!
  • Ingredients – When it comes to body wrap ingredients, the big benefit in a DIY body wrap is that you know exactly what ingredients are in your wrap formula and can add specific ingredients that will improve results.  I always recommend using organic all natural ingredients.
  • Convenience & time – Although wrapping your own body may not be as convenient as having someone at the spa apply it, the fact that you can perform the wrap at any time in the comfort of your home is a huge bonus.  This will also save you lots of time since you will not have to commute  or drive to and from the spa.
Don’t get overwhelmed by the whole DIY body wrapping process.  It’s really quite simple…

How do I Perform a DIY Body Wrap?

A DIY body wrap is easy.  You can perform your own DIY wrap by following the following these steps:
  1. Prepare your skin by exfoliating with a dry brush and applying a pre-wrap formula.
  2. Mix your body wrap formula and apply to skin.
  3. Apply your pre soaked wrapping cloths to your body.
  4. Sit for at least an hour after the wrapping cloths have been applied.
  5. Remove wrapping cloth, shower, and apply a post-wrap formula to your skin.

And that’s really it!  As you can see a DIY body wrap can be really simple.


Are you interested in trying a DIY wrap?  I’ve written an ebook all about DIY body wraps, and will teach you the techniques & recipes that will help you achieve outstanding permanent results.

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Why do you want to try a DIY wrap?  What are the goals you are trying to achieve?

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