Is it actually possible to instantly lose inches, reduce cellulite, and  detoxify your body after only a few wrapping sessions?

Everybody wants to know the answer to one simple question:


Do body wraps really work?

I’ll get to the answer a little later in this article.  First, let me explain a little more about body wraps in case you find the idea unfamiliar.

A body wrap is a a non-surgical treatment that involves covering the body with a clay based formula and applying wrapping towels around the skin.  The wraps are usually left on for between 1-2 hours, at which time they are removed and the clay based formula is washed off.

Body wraps are a common treatment at the spa although home body wraps are becoming more and more common these days. This is because home wraps are relatively easy to perform and are much less expensive than spa treatments.


So… Is body wrapping an effective treatment?

With the right ingredients and technique, body wrapping can be very effective and can promote results such as:

  • Inch loss – Inch loss could occur immediately after the first wrap or after a series of wraps
  • Body detoxification – Body wraps absorb harmful toxins that have accumulated in the body.
  • Skin tone improvement & cellulite reduction – Body wraps help by deeply moisturizing the skin and removing dead skin cells.

Although body wraps on their own work well, it’s important to remember that they are much  more effective when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and a weight loss exercise program.  Simply put, if you are not eating healthy foods and are inactive, you will not get the most out of each body wrap session.


How Does Body Wrapping Work?

The ingredients in your body wrap formula immediately go to work after you have applied the wrapping material.  In addition to moisturizing the skin and removing dead skin cells, body wraps help detoxify your system by stimulating the drainage of lymphatic fluid and fatty acids from your cells into your capillaries.  It is the removal of these stored toxins that lead to inch loss.
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How Will I Feel After A Body Wrap Treatment?

After each wrapping treatment, you will feel refreshed.  Your skin will feel tighter, softer, and more toned. You will notice an improved appearance.  If you had cellulite prior to your wrap, its visibility could be lessened and inches may be lost all over the areas where the wraps are applied.  Most people also say that they feel “lighter” and “healthier” after a wrap.

In my ebookWrap Yourself Slim, Body Wraps Exposed,” I show you exactly how you can perform your own highly effective and economical body wrap in the comfort of your own home.  I also outline secret techniques and special recipes that the spas don’t want you to know about!

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