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Home Body Wraps Explained

If you’ve had a body wrap at the spa before, you know that they are a very relaxing, effective treatment for inch loss, body detox and cellulite reduction.  They also leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth!

Unfortunately most of us cannot afford spa body wraps once or twice a week since they cost anywhere from $60-$200 per treatment.

Fortunately a home body wrap can be just as effective as a spa body wrap, but cost much less.  So much less in fact that you could perform 10-15 home body wraps for the cost of every 1 spa body wrap!

Now let me explain more about home body wraps, and how you can take advantage of their huge cost savings compared to spa body wraps.

What is a Home Body Wrap?

A home body wrap is an application that generally consists of natural ingredients such as seaweed, herbs, clays, and other natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are usually mixed together to create a formula that assists in eliminating excess weight, cellulite, cleansing the body, and improving the overall tone and texture of your skin.

Ingredients are selected for their individual properties and are mixed together to create a formula that can be absorbed by the skin to help with a specific problem.

Once the formula is applied to either a problem area (upper arms, stomach, thighs or buttocks) or all over the body, it is then wrapped with a style bandages or wrapping cloths which help hold the formula on the skin and keep the body warm.H

Home body wraps have been increasing in popularity significantly over the last 5 years due to the fact that they are inexpensive, easy to perform, and very effective.

These Home Body Wraps Could Be Yours!

Home body wraps have a number of advantages over spa body wraps, each of which will be outlined in more detail below:


Spa body wraps are expensive, normally costing between $60-$200 per treatment. Home body wraps on the other hand can cost as little as $5-10 per treatment-meaning that you could potentially have 10-20 treatments for the cost of a single spa treatment.  Now those are significant savings!


Unlike spas that only carry a limited number of formulas, making your own home body wraps allows  you have full control over the ingredients that you use.  This includes any herbs, clay or essential oils that you choose to use. This is important not only because it allows you to use the highest quality ingredient, but it will also mean that you are using the correct ingredients for your specific goals.

Many people don’t realize that the body wrap formula that you choose to use should be tailored to match your specific goals.  For example, if you main goal is to decrease the appearance of cellulite, you may want to add Bladderwrack or Kelp to your body wrap formula.  If your main goal was to lose inches on the other hand, Cayenne, and Green Tea would be terrific additions.

Flexibility & Convenience

With home body wraps, you never have to worry about parking, commuting to the spa or even leaving your home for that matter!  You can schedule and perform your own treatments when it is convenient for you.  Many people find that this makes it much easier to ‘stay on track’ and follow through with their initial body wrap treatment regimen, since they simply have no excuses not to follow through!

Are you Ready to Treat Yourself to a Quality Body Wrap?

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