Today I’d like to outline some of the most effective ways  to tighten loose skin.  You may have loose skin due to aging, or it may be due to losing large amounts of body weight.  Whatever the case may be, there are different methods that you can use the tighten your skin and make it appear and feel tighter.

When it comes to tightening loose skin, the option you choose will depend on whether your loose skin is a result of the natural aging process, rapid weight loss, or plastic surgery like tummy tuck liposuction.

Below I will outline what you can do to tighten your skin in either case…



How to Tighten Loose Skin Due to Aging

As we age the elasticity of our skin decreases.  It usually becomes considerably more apparent after the age of about 50 years.

If you are suffering from loose sagging skin simply due to your age, there are two ways to help tighten your skin.

  1. Resistance training – This method will not actually tighten your skin, but it will help fill out areas that have lost shape over the years creating the skin to sag.  You’ve probably lost much more muscle mass than you realize if you are over 30 years of age, and resistance training 3 days a week can help your body build the lean tissue back to the level it once was at.  This in turn will help fill out areas of your body where the skin appears to be loose and flabby.
  2. Skin firming wraps – Wrapping problem areas is a great way to help tighten loose skin, whether it’s on your upper arms, stomach or thighs.  Two wrapping sessions a week is recommended.  Wrapping problem areas is a very easy and can be performed at home with no assistance.

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How to Tighten Loose Skin Due to Rapid Weight Loss

Loose skin caused by rapid weight loss is usually much more severe than loose skin caused by the natural aging process.  If you have a very small amount of loose skin, you can follow the same steps as recommended above for aging skin (body wraps & resistance training).

If you have a severe case of loose skin, then your only option will be surgery.  If surgery is necessary, doctors will have to remove some of the excess skin from your body.  It sounds quite unpleasant, but it’s a pretty simple procedure and is getting quite common these days.

It’s also important to remember that skin is extremely resilient and can shrink considerable when given enough time, so you shouldn’t run to your doctor and beg for surgery without giving your body enough time to fix the problem itself!

I wish you the best of luck in your quest to firmer skin!


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How serious is your sagging skin problem?  Tell us about it…

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