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BarefeetLosing inches off your thighs quickly may sound too good to be true, but it is very realistic if you take the right approach.  In order to see the best results, I always recommend the multi-faceted approach which involves a combination of the following:

  • Weight loss diet – There is no way you can get around this one!  If you want to lose inches off of your thighs, you have to eat a sensible diet and restrict caloric intake.
  • Regular cardiovascular exercise – Just like any fat loss routine, you need to exercises at least four times weekly to burn calories and ensure that your body reaches a state of caloric deficit.  This is the only way that that pesky thigh fat will melt away!
  • Thigh wraps – A thigh wrap is a simple procedure that will promote inch loss if performed properly and with the right recipe.  Although this method should be used in conjunction with diet and exercise, it could produce the fastest results. Don’t misinterpret “fast” for “permanent” here. Although thigh wraps could help you shed inches instantly, maintenance wraps are needed to keep the inches off.


Diet & Exercise For Thinner Thighs

If you are just beginning a weight loss routine, I recommend that you keep it as simple as possible.  The easiest way to start out is simply by eating healthier and exercising more.  As you progress, you will have to track your caloric intake and monitor progress.

If you are unfamiliar with diet and exercise and need some direction, checkout “Strip That Fat”, a weight loss program that I highly recommend.


Thigh Wraps For Inch Loss

A thigh wrap is essentially the same as a body wrap but target the thighs only.  The thigh wrapping process involves applying clay based paste to your thighs and wrapping material around them for about 1-2 hours.  The ingredients in the thigh wrap can vary but usually  involve clay, essential oils, and other herbs.

Thigh wraps are a common spa treatment but can easily be administered at home as long as you have the right supplies.  If you haven’t tried a thigh wrap I highly recommend that you do!

Are there any particular exercises that you have tried to lose thigh inches?  How have they worked? Share them here!

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