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If your goal is inch loss, you have to try a mineral wrap.  There are plenty of different types of body wraps available, but when it comes to inch loss, a mineral wrap is what I usually recommend.

A mineral wrap is just like any other body wrap, but the ingredients of its formula contain mostly minerals that penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.

Unlike the other forms of body wraps, mineral wraps usually come in dry formula that you add water to.  For this reason many people prefer these types of wraps to mud body wraps or Aloe Vera body wraps since the entire process is much less messy.


The majority of mineral wrap formulas contain the following base ingredients:

  • Dry clay (usually Bentonite)
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Zinc
  • Potassium

The Bentonite clay along with these minerals are what really contribute to major inch loss throughout the body.

How Many Inches Can I Lose with a Mineral Wrap?

The number of inches you can lose with mineral wraps depends on many factors – mostly the size you are before you begin your wrap and the number of wrapping sessions you plan on performing.

Generally speaking, most people will lose between 6-30 inches off of their entire body after one to five wrapping sessions.  I know these are fairly broad ranges, but as I had mentioned there are quite a few factors that determine how many inches you will actually lose after your wraps.

Some people lose significant inches after only one wrap, while it takes other people more wraps to see those results.  This is one of the reasons I recommend that people not only try different body wrap recipes but that they also perform at least 10 wrapping sessions.


Where to Get Mineral Body Wraps

Like all body wraps, you have two options in terms of where you can get mineral wraps.  Those two options are:

  1. Spa or Body wrap shop – If cost is not an issue, then the obvious choice for a mineral wrap would be the spa or a facility that specializes in body wraps.  The spa may call mineral wraps a different name such as a European body wrap or beauty wrap.
  2. Home mineral wraps – If you would like to save some money, then you can try a home mineral wrap.  All you will need is the supplies such as ace bandages and a mineral wrap recipe.  All of the body wrap supplies can be purchased online.

The big advantage to a home mineral wrap is that it is about 80% less expensive than a spa mineral wrap, so you can perform them two or three times weekly for a relatively low cost. Have you ever had a mineral wrap?  Tell us about the results you experienced…

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