Our Body Wrap Mud, Clay and Formula not only offer the best results in treatment, but are also complemented by the finest Body Wrap experience through Body Wrap Accessories. These tools ensure a first-class spa experience along with a successful home wrap treatment.

Designed with the home user in mind, all Body Wrap Accessories provide the best means and easiest application for a private body wrap treatment.

Begin your treatment with a complimentary Body Wrap DVD to soothe your mind through relaxing mp3 spa music.

Learn about tips and techniques to maximize body wrap results and how to personalized ingredients through the Wrap Yourself Slim – Body Wraps Exposed! ebook. It features a heavy dose of information about body wraps and even contains homemade body wrap recipes!

Starting with the Dry Skin Brush, prepare the skin for treatment with ease through gentle exfoliation using its 100% natural boar bristles and detachable wooden handle.

With Body Wrap Bandages, experience convenient and easy compression through its 15cm and 5m proportion and reusable features while still allowing the skin to breath.

To further intensify your body wrap experience, you can also treat yourself to a sauna experience with all its benefits using the comfortable and washable Sauna Suit.

After you have you have found your perfect Body Wrap regimen, let our Body Wrap Accessories complete your home body wrap experience!
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