Men can now avail of our powerful muscle toning and healing treatments with confidence!

Specially formulated for the male physique, our Body Wraps for Men are designed to improve muscle definition, lessen fats around the belly, detoxify, and boost skin condition while experiencing the soothing sensation of our warm body wrap treatments.

For guys who are already in great shape, these Body Wraps can bring you a step above the rest by accentuating muscle and tightening the skin while leaving the torso soft and smooth.

And for men who are just getting started, let our Body Wraps assist you in inch loss, body contouring, and reduce trouble spots found in the abdominal region, chest or extra fat around the waistline.

These Body Wraps for Men include Men’s Body Clay, Complete Body Wrap Kit and Torso Body Wrap. Formulated differently from our other body wrap treatments, Body Wraps for Men offers Men’s Body Clay that uses ingredients like Green Tea and Bitter Orange essential oil commonly used in men’s skin regimen. This particular formula detoxifies, reduces cellulite, rids of skin impurities while preventing testosterone loss.

Look your best, feel confident and also smell great with our specially packaged and formulated Body Wraps for Men!
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