Pick your favorite body wrap treatment and simply bring it home!

If you long for a private relaxation experience, our Complete Home Body Wrap Kits allow you to pamper yourself with all the essential tools and instructions conveniently packed and ready to go.

All kits include a body wrap treatment enough for 4 full body wrap sessions (or more if used for spot wraps) and are perfectly paired with either a body wash, lotion, herbal liquid formula, or cellulite gel.

Complete Home Body Wrap Kits also come with high quality Body Wrap Accessories to guarantee ease of application and ensure an effective home body wrap regimen.

Each kit includes a Dry Skin Brush used for gentle exfoliation to the skin prior to body wrap and also for daily use.

Complete Home Body Wrap Kits include 15 pieces of reusable and washable Body Wrap Bandages, an important tool that ensures the best compression through its high quality fabric and well-designed 15cm by 5m proportion.

Complete Home Body Wrap Kits also offer the Sauna Suit to retain our body’s natural warmth during body wrap treatment or work out. Inducing heat therapy, you can bring home the benefits of a sauna experience along with your body wrap!

To complete the body wrap kit, tape measure is included to monitor your successful inch loss!

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