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Body Wrapping Bandage 15-pack


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Get the compression needed for a successful body wrap with Wrap Yourself Slim Body Wrap Bandages! These specially selected Body Wrap Bandages are a favorite among spas and salons. Ask any beautician and they’ll agree – a high quality bandage is absolutely essential for a successful body wrap!

The Wrap Yourself Slim Body Wrap Bandages are six inches (15 cm) wide – wider than other cloth bandages – and have a stretched length of five yards (5m approx). The width and length allows for consistent compression and a good overlap – no bulging or tight areas which can be uncomfortable and detrimental to the results of the body wrap. These bandages are also super easy to apply, taking less ‘wraps around’ than other, narrower, bandages.

These latex-free cotton/elastic bandages promote temperature increase in the body, opening the skin’s pores to allow drawing out of toxins whilst increasing absorption of body wrap formulas. The temperature rise also stimulates generalized perspiration and metabolic rate.

Unlike plastic wraps, these cloth wraps allow the skin to breathe during the treatment.

If you prefer to wrap without the application of clays and other ingredients directly to the skin, these bandages can be soaked in a liquid formula solution (such as Wrap Yourself Slim Herbal or Aloe formula) before application.

These high quality wraps are durable and can be washed and reused many times without losing their elasticity.

78% cotton, 10% polyester, 12% latex-free elastic yarn.

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