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Chocolate Spa Clay

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Product Description

Take pride in submitting to the pleasures of chocolate without gaining inches with a Chocolate Spa Clay Body Wrap.

The aroma of chocolate is attached to guilty pleasures – it stimulates and excites the senses! At the same time it provides a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that soothes the body as well as calming the busy mind. The chocolate scent of this clay gives the highs of chocolate indulgence without the guilt of consuming a heavy dose of calories.

Chocolate is also known for its moisturizing and anti-aging properties. As the luscious cocoa preparation is applied to the skin, strong antioxidants fight free radicals, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and toned.

When Wrap Yourself Slim Chocolate Clay is used in the body wrap process the heat and compression, along with the drawing properties of the chocolate clay preparation, stimulate inch loss by drawing out toxins that seek comfort in fat cells.

Indulge yourself in this home body wrap before your next night out – you’ll be more comfortable in your clothes and look and feel fantastic!