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Cleansing Herbal Body Wrap Kit for Inch Loss & Detox

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Product Description

This cleansing body wrap kit contains Sea Clay and Herbal Formula- perfect if you are feeling bloated, sluggish, or are tired all the time.

I recommend that you use this kit when you’ve eaten a bit too much junk food… dined on salty high-fat BBQ… overindulged with wine or holiday treats, or are retaining a bit of excess water.

This detoxifying combination can…

  • Remove impurities and toxins from your system
  • Pull, tighten, smooth and contour
  • Make you feel healthier and more energized
  • Make you feel clean and rejuvenated
  • Help balance your hormonal system
  • Improve your sleep
  • And, help you lose inches with every wrap!

The Sea Clay formulation is enriched with the powerful drawing and healing properties of Bentonite clay.

It contains horse chestnut to improve circulation in the skin, and is packed with the anti-aging and acne fighting properties of Green Tea, as well as Comfrey which is known to strengthen and heal the skin. It also provides the microbial and fungal properties of dandelion.

When combined with the proprietary blend of toxin-pulling herbs found in the Herbal formulation, in my opinion this Body Wrap is the perfect way to get rid of toxins as well as a few extra inches.

You are about to order:
1 “Cleansing Body Wrap Kit” for inch loss & body detox
Here’s what’s included:


  • Body Wrap Formula

One half gallon of our highly potent bentonite based sea clay blend,
and 1 quart of the liquid herbal body wrap formula.
Enjoy 12-20 full body treatments, or up to 50 partial treatments with this kit!

  • Fifteen EXTRA WIDE Body Contouring Bandages:

High quality elasticized compression bandages that will
both tighten bulging skin and act as a thermal blanket to induce
perspiration. Simply wash after each use.

  • One Dry Skin Brush:

Use this brush to gently exfoliate your skin before each
body wrap treatment. It will prepare your skin for the active
ingredients in the formulas.

  • Instructions, Measurement Tracking Sheet & Tape Measure:

Our detailed instruction manual will guide you through each
step of the body wrapping process. Use your measurement sheet
and tape measure to track your inch loss results!

  • Sauna Suit:

Use the two-piece sauna suit to trap in body heat
and promote perspiration-your body’s natural means of detox.
Suits are one-size-fits-all.


  • FREE Slenderizing Anti Cellulite Body Gel!

Our patented body gel can be applied with your body wrap,
or whenever you have the urge to tighten loose skin and combat cellulite.
Normally $24.95, FREE for a limited time with all body wrap kit purchases!