Complete Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit Sale!

Complete Inch Loss Body Wrap Kit

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Product Description

The Complete Body Wrap contains Sea ClaySea Mud, and the Herbal Blend– my three strongest formulas.

With this kit you can enjoy all the benefits of body wraps at a special bundled price.

And, as an added BONUS you also receive my 100 page secret Body Wrap eBook, my new potent marine bath soak, the Amino Blast body spray, and Aloe Body Wash – valued at $107 if purchased individually.

This COMPLETE combination can…

  • Reduce the visibility of stretch marks and spots
  • Help shrink unsightly varicose veins
  • Help with burns, allergies and rashes
  • Clean and rejuvenate dry, rough skin
  • Smooth, tone and tighten the skin
  • Remove impurities and toxins
  • And, help you lose inches with every wrap!

Here’s what’s included:

Highest quality body wrap mud and formula

Body Wrap Formula

  • 1 quart of our highly potent bentonite based Sea Clay blend,
  • 1 quart of seaweed enhance Sea Mud formula,
  • 1 quart of liquid Herbal Body Wrap formula.

Enjoy 12-20 full body treatments, or up to 50 partial treatments with this kit!



Fifteen EXTRA WIDE Body Contouring Bandages:

High quality elasticized compression bandages that will
both tighten bulging skin and act as a thermal blanket to induce
perspiration. Simply wash after each use.

Body prep package

The “Body Wrap Prep” Package

The perfect way to prepare your body before each wrapping treatment.
Use the natural bristle Dry Skin Brush to gently exfoliate your skin,
followed by the Amino Blast Spray- enriched with amino acids,
collagen and proteins as well as pure Organic Aloe Vera.

Tape measure for recording your inch loss!

Instructions, Measurement Tracking Sheet & Tape Measure:

Our detailed instruction manual will guide you through each
step of the body wrapping process. Use your measurement sheet
and tape measure to track your inch loss results!


Body Wash and Bath Soak

Aloe Vera Body Wash & Marine Bath Soak

The non pore clogging Aloe Body Wash provides pure skin cleansing,
while the Marine Bath Soak (enriched with seaweed and dead sea salt)
will provide a deep skin cleanse and leave your skin healthier and
more radiant.
Both products will enhance the results of your body wrap treatments.


Wrap Yourself Slim eBook

Wrap Yourself Slim Home Body Wrap EBook

Ella’s eBook was the first of it’s kind, and has been selling worldwide for
over 10 Years! 100+ pages of tips, original recipes, and instructions on
how to get the best results.
Normally sells for $37, but your FREE only with this kit!


Sauna Suit - Stay warm and maximise the results

Sauna Suit:

Use the two-piece sauna suit to trap in body heat
and promote perspiration-your body’s natural means of detox.
Suits are one-size-fits-all.

Slenderizing anti-cellulite gel


FREE Slenderizing Anti Cellulite Body Gel!

Our patented body gel can be applied with your body wrap,
or whenever you have the urge to tighten loose skin and combat cellulite.
Normally $24.95, FREE for a limited time with all body wrap kit purchases!