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Dry Mineral Clay Body Wrap Kit

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Product Description

Get that beach body through the Wrap Yourself Slim Dry Mineral Clay Body Wrap Kit.

Made with European dry mineral clay also popularly used in spas and salons, this Dry Mineral Clay formula is designed to promote inch loss through detoxification, reduce the appearance of visible cellulite, and reveal body contours by toning and tightening saggy skin.

Compared to its non-dry clay counterparts, this European Dry Mineral Clay is less messy to apply. It only has to be mixed with the hot water where the wrapping bandages are soaked and is not intended for application directly over the skin, which means less mess!

With a pair of 8-ounce jars of the Wrap Yourself Slim Dry Mineral Clay, 2 full body wraps can be completed. Even more wraps can be done if used for spot wraps.

The kit includes 15 pieces of Body Wrap Bandages that are 6 inches in width and can reach 5 yards in length when stretched. These are high-quality bandages that provide good compression needed for a successful body wrap. They are washable and reusable.

Also in the kit is an 8-ounce bottle of Slenderizing Gel that can be applied twice daily, which is recommended (may be incorporated in body wrap treatments or not), in areas with visible cellulite.

Other accessories include a sauna suit, to provide warmth during the hour-long body wrap, a tape measure to monitor inch loss, as well as a dry skin brush used for exfoliation prior to the treatment.

Even after the hour-long body wrap, the formula continues to work for 2-3 days.

The kit is inclusive of:

  • 16 ounces Dry Mineral Clay
  • Slenderizing Gel
  • 15 pieces Body Wrap Bandages
  • 2-piece Sauna Suit
  • Dry Skin Brush
  • Tape Measure

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