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Keep the heat on with the Wrap Yourself Slim Sauna Suit!

This two-piece Sauna Suit minimizes the amount of heat that escapes from the body during exercise, workout, or body wrap treatment. This in turn stimulates a rise in body temperature, increasing metabolic rate and perspiration, as well as opening the skin’s pores – just like a real sauna.

Heat therapy is known to be beneficial to the body because it increases blood flow by dilating blood vessels. This means more oxygen can get to all parts of your body promoting regeneration and recovery in your bodies tissues. Heat therapy is also used to treat muscle and joint damage and to reduce pain from conditions such as arthritis.

Increasing metabolic rate stimulates healthy blood flow and increases calorie burning for weight loss.

Perspiration is natures own detox method, which is encouraged and enhanced by wearing the Sauna Suit.

Open skin pores allow for deep penetration of body wrap clays and formulas allowing for deep cleansing and drawing out of toxins. The skin is more receptive to other body wrap and poultice benefits, such as moisturizing of the skin, when the skin pores are open.

The Wrap Yourself Slim Sauna Suit comes in one size that fits all and is designed with elastic cuffs, waist, and ankles to allow for a snug fit. It is made of comfortable soft vinyl that allows ease of movement while worn. Its two-piece construction means it is easy to wear – even over body wrap bandages.

The Sauna Suit can easily be cleaned for reuse.

Combine the benefits of a sauna with your next body wrap to really feel and see the difference!

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