Wrap Yourself Slim Sea Mud Body Wrap Kit for Spot Wraps Sale!

Wrap Yourself Slim Sea Mud Body Wrap Kit for Spot Wraps

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Product Description

Savor the mineral richness of the sea with the Wrap Yourself Slim Spa Mud Body Wrap Kit!

Enriched with seaweed extracts hailed for their therapeutic benefits, this Spa Mud serves as a potent detoxifying agent. It tones the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and promotes inch loss.

Infused in the Wrap Yourself Slim body wrap formula based on bentonite clay, the seaweed extracts and their therapeutic properties work their way into the body while toxins are flushed out of the pores through sweat.

With an 8-ounce jar of Wrap Yourself Slim Clay, 4 or more ‘spot’ wraps can be completed. Rather than wrap the complete body spot wraps are used just in ‘trouble areas’ like stomach or thighs.

The kit includes three Body Wrap Bandages that are 6 inches wide x 5 yards long (stretched). These are our famous high-quality bandages that provide good compression needed for a successful body wrap. Being firm and wide these bandages are also easy to apply! They are washable and reusable.

Other accessories include a sauna suit to provide warmth and increase the dilation of skin pores during the hour-long body wrap, a tape measure to monitor inch loss, and full instructions. The sauna suit also prevents any mess or transfer of clay to your clothes or furniture.

The kit is inclusive of:

  • 8oz Sea Mud
  • 3 Body Wrap Bandages
  • 2-piece Sauna Suit
  • Tape Measure

This spa mud wrap kit complements your existing weight loss program or diet, acting as a quick start, a booster, or a helper for those troublesome spots where you could really do to lose a few inches! Don’t wait, try it today!

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