stretch mark stomachAre you ready to get rid of your stretch marks once and for all?  The stretch mark remedies outlined in this post are easy to implement at home, and most importantly, they could really work!
Before I outline ways to remove stretch marks, it’s important that you understand their causes, which I will outline first…


What Causes Stretch Marks?

There are a few common causes for stretch marks.  Your skin type does play a role here, since certain types of skin are much more resilient than others (thanks mom and dad!).

Stretch marks occur when the the skin is stretched beyond it’s limits, causing minute tears in the tissue.  This causes scar tissue to develop, which is a different color than the surrounding skin.

The most common cause of stretch marks in the teen years is growth spurts.  These stretch marks often occur around the lower back, buttocks and breasts.

Fast weight gain is another common cause of later in life, and can be caused by either gaining excessive amounts of body fat or muscle mass.

Pregnancy is another common cause of stretch marks particularly around the belly button and the sides of the stomach.

So now that you understand a little more about the cause of stretch marks, let’s take a look at some of the best home remedies for stretch marks…


The Home Remedies

Since stretch marks are scar tissue, there is no way to “remove” them.  However, we can alter their appearance so that they blend in with the surrounding skin more naturally.

Here are things that you can do at home to help improve your stretch marks:


  1. Take Supplements – Antioxidants such as Vitamin E are particularly good for the skin, and can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  Fish oil supplements can also help as the Omega 3 fatty acids they contain are very powerful.
  2. Skin Massage – Massaging your stretch marks with Vitamin E is another excellent method.  The combination of this powerful antioxidant and the increased blood flow to the area is likely why massage works well.
  3. Body Wraps – Herbal body wraps are a fantastic treatment for the skin, and with the right ingredients can be an excellent way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Most importantly, don’t get discouraged.  If you follow the steps mentioned above, your stretch marks will begin to disappear over time.

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